The only car you really need...
This is the short story of how i once got my first car. A car that every boy in my age at that time
probably dreamed of. I was lucky to get one.

It started one autumn day that me and my father was looking at the ads in the daily morning paper "Smålandsposten". Suddenly i saw one small ad that was saying "MGB 65" and a phone number.

We called the number and was invited to visit the guy who was selling his dream car. I believe it was
that he had had the car for a summer or 2 but now felt that he needed the money and didn't have the
time to restore the car.

After some discussions we bought the car for some 9.000:- Sek , a lot of money at that time..

Then the real work started.... ( Puuh.. )

We dismounted the car in every screw, piece & rubber part that it consisted of.

Here you see how it looked in some different views.

A lot of work and a lot of more money's later the car was ready for use...
But i don't regret the time spent on this... Since...
The car was ready for use when i  got my driving licence... ( some 10 days after my birthday )

Well guess why it was an MG that "happened"..
My father in 2 pictures with some of his MG's ( MGA & MGTD )

By Uffe 1998-05-05